Welcome to Our Bhangra Academy

“Champions aren’t made in the gyms; champions are made for something deep inside them… a desire, a dream, a vision.”
–Muhammad Ali.

This is the quote that students, instructors and volunteers at BC Cultural Bhangra Academy live by. BC Cultural is not just any academy; it is a second home to many of its students, instructors, and volunteers. Also it is a tight knit club with a positive atmosphere and great energy. BC Cultural was created on January 16, 2003 with merely two students taught by a single instructor, Rupee Kainth, now owner and president of BC Cultural Bhangra Academy. After much hard work and dedication there are more than five hundred students that attend the academy on a regular basis along with more than ten-twelve instructors and volunteers. Not only is Bhangra offered, but also Gidha and Dhol classes are offered at this academy.